Phentermine Blue Alternative PhenBlue Versus Phen375 Reviews – Which Is Better?

Phentermine Blue Alternative PhenBlue Versus Phen375 Reviews – Filling The Void Made By Phentermine?

which supplement works best?Phentermine alternatives are drawing the attention of a lot of dieters. They seem to be the first choice among the several types of natural diet supplements. Do you want to try a Phentermine natural substitute? Are you confused by too many brands and too many claims?

Which supplement really fills the void left by the removal of Phentermine from over the counter drugs? To know the answer there is only one way. You have to do comparative research. Here is one done for you – Phentermine Blue alternative PhenBlue versus Phen375 reviews.

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Phentermine Blue alternative PhenBlue versus Phen375 reviews

What are the similarities between PhenBlue and Phen375 weight loss product?

  1. Nature of the product

They are herbal substitutes similar to Phentermine. They contain herbal ingredients to help the user to lose weight and to promote general health.

  1. Manufacturing conditions

They are manufactured in USA in GMP certified conditions. They are manufactured by reputed companies.

  1. Sales mode

They are not available in offline outlets. They are sold online in their respective official websites. They are available for international sale – USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada, UK, France, Ireland, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, etc.

  1. Absence of Phentermine

Phentermine is not added as an ingredient in Phen375 and PhenBlue rapid fat burning diet pills. They work like prescription Phentermine but Phentermine is absent in their ingredient list.

  1. Dosage

The recommended dosage is the same for both natural Phen alternative weight loss products – Two tablets a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

  1. Side effects

They are manufactured using natural ingredients without any hazardous chemicals. The risk of side effects is very low.

  1. Exemptions in usage

dosage as recommended by a doctorIf you are not 18 years of age, you cannot take PhenBlue and Phen375.

If you are pregnant or if you are planning to become pregnant or if you are breast feeding your baby, you are exempted from taking these natural and safe Phentermine like diet pills.

  1. Doctor’s prescription and advice

Doctor’s prescription is not needed to buy Phen375 or to buy PhenBlue weight loss products.

Doctor’s advice is needed if you are taking any prescription medication or if you are suffering from major health disorders.

  1. Discounts

You can get huge discounts when you place order for 3 or more bottles herbal Phen alternatives dieting supplements. You will also get FenFast 375 free bottle as a bonus if you buy PhenBlue in bulk direct from the company official site.

  1. Ingredients

There are two common ingredients. One is caffeine anhydrous and the other is Forskolin.

  1. Benefits
  • They burn fat and build muscles because of the presence of one of the common ingredients forskolin.
  • They suppress appetite and elevate energy because of the presence of one more common ingredient caffeine anhydrous.
  • They have thermogenic and mood improving effects.
  • They have metabolism increasing effects too.
  1. Weight Loss Results

You can see quick weight loss results. The results will be quicker if you combine it with a diet and exercise program.

  1. Real Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The reviews are impressive but the number of Phen375 reviews are more than PhenBlue reviews.

What are the differences between Phen375 and PhenBlue fat burner dieting supplements?

  1. Phen375 is manufactured by RDK Global and PhenBlue is manufactured by Intechra Health.
  2. They have two common ingredients but the other ingredients are different.

Phen375 ingredients include L-Carnitine, Cayenne, Citrus Aurantium and Dendobium extract.

PhenBlue ingredients include 5.-HTP, 7-DHEA and Epigallocatechin.

  1. Phen375 increases thermogenesis with the help of cayenne.

PhenBlue Phen alternative increases thermogenesis with the help of Epigallocatechin.

  1. Phen375 formula was introduced in the market more than five years back.

PhenBlue formula is comparatively new to the market, but older than PHEN Q new diet pills in Phentermine-Q.

  1. Phen375 manufacturers offer 30-day money back guarantee.

PhenBlue is not offered any money back guarantee.

  1. PhenBlue is cheaper than Phen375 diet pills.

Compare Phen375 with PhenBlue review – The Summary

Based on Phentermine Blue alternative PhenBlue versus Phen375 reviews and comparative analysis, it is proven that they produce effective results and are worth buying.

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Herbal Phentermine Blue alternative PhenBlue versus Phen375 reviews - Looking for rapid fat burning diet pills similar to Phentermine capsules without a prescription? READ Phen375 vs Phenblue reviews to compare PHEN alternatives FenFast 375, PhenQ weight loss supplements before you buy Phen 375 or any over the counter slimming pills

PhenBlue versus Phen375 reviews

Over the counter Phentermine natural substitute that work like the real drug with no prescription

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