Compare Male Extra With VigRX To Find Which Is Right For You

Compare Male Extra With VigRX – Which Will Make A Massive Difference?

how does it really workAlthough there are several male enhancing supplements in the market, not all products are effective in treating male sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and in improving sexual performance. Only a handful of the products live up to your expectations. Male Extra and VigRX are most effective sex pills for men that actually work.

Do you want to know which one will make a massive difference in your sexual life? Compare Male Extra with VigRX supplements before you buy.

What are the unique features of VigRX that make it a popular choice for men?

  1. Powerful and proven ingredients

It is a powerful combination of effective natural ingredients. The ingredients are of good quality and have been proven for safety and effectiveness through clinical and lab studies and research.

  1. Proven effectiveness

dosage as recommended by a doctorYou need not ask the question, ‘Does VigRX work’ because its results have been proven through a double bind placebo study. Seventy five men participated in this study. They were given VigRX pills twice a day for three months.

The sexual performance before and after VigRX were compared. The results showed that more than 70% of the participants were able to experience better orgasm and more than 60% of the participants were able to hold their erection for a longer period of time.

  1. Safety

Two separate lab tests have been conducted to study the safety of VigRX pills. The studies proved that VigRX for men did not cause any adverse side effects on the health of the user.

  1. Guarantee

The company guarantees that you risk nothing else other than the shipping charges. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product within two months of usage, you can return the empty containers and get the money paid for the product. The money refunded does not include the shipping charges.

  1. Endorsed by medical community

Dr. Steven Lamm wholeheartedly recommends VigRX because of the most powerful ingredients in VigRX.

  1. Scientific working

Erectile hardness and duration decreases with increase in age because capacity of Corpora Cavernosa to be filled with blood decreases. VigRX gets rid of this problem by

  • Increasing blood circulation to the male reproductive system without increasing blood pressure
  • Increasing virility
  • Stimulating the penis to maximum erection
  1. Ingredients in VigRX

  • Ginkgo biloba – It improves the health of circulatory system. It improves mental health.
  • Cuscuta seed – It increases male fertility by increasing motility of the sperm.
  • Panax ginseng – It treats erectile dysfunction through its aphrodisiac powers.
  • Epimedium leaf – It has several properties like libido boosting property, erection improving property and sensation increasing property etc.
  • Muira pauma – It increases virility and desire in men.

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Compare Male Extra with VigRX features to find which is superior.

What are the unique features of Male Extra that make it a popular choice for guys?

  1. Amazing record sales

More than 12 million capsules of Male Extra have been sold. The list of satisfied customers includes more than 150000 men.

  1. Clinical studies

The product has not been subjected to clinical studies but the ingredients are studied clinically and all ingredients are backed by impressive results.

  1. Proven results in increase in size of penis

Are Male Extra penis enlargement results permanentThe results experienced by the customers were studied. The results showed that in 3 months the increase in the size of the penis was 0.8 inches, in 4 months it was 1.1 inches, in 5 months it was 1.6 inches and in 6 months it was 2.6 inches. This is amazing.

  1. Scientific working

How does your flabby penis become erect? It is because of the flow of blood to the penis. The more the blood flow the more will be the hardness of erection. Male Extra, hard on pills, increases the blood flow to the penis to make it harder and stronger during erection.

  1. Safety

There are no known side effects reported in Male Extra real user reviews.

  1. Guarantee

It is backed by money back guarantee for 60 days. You are at the risk of shipping charges and not the price paid for the product.

  1. Male Extra main ingredients

  • L-Arginine – Studies have proven that it helps men in gaining and maintaining erection.
  • Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid – If you drink pomegranate juice daily for 90 days you will be able to experience about 17% increase in the blood flow. This is a proven fact.
  • MSM – It takes you back to youthful days by increasing the formation of new cells in the penis.
  • Zinc – It increases testosterone to increase male sexual health.
  • L-Methionine – It increases the duration of erection.

If you compare Male Extra with VigRX natural supplements for men, it is clear that they are good options to enhance male sexual performance. Where to buy Male Extra and VigRX? They are to be bought in the official site of the manufacturers of the products.

The prices of both these natural male enlargement pills are more or less the same. However, Male Extra is slightly costlier than VigRX. You get bonuses and free gifts when you go for multiple purchase.

Compare Male Extra with VigRX – The last conclusion

Make a risk free purchase of VigRX and Male Extra to enjoy sex better and to improve your self confidence.

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Compare Male Extra with VigRX - How to make your flabby penis become erect, harder and stronger during erection! Compare VigRX vs Male Extra hard on pills results! Better orgasm, effectiveness, ingredients safety, reviews and more

Compare Male Extra with VigRX

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